• The company Tampon-Mix Unlimited Partnership was founded 21/06/1996. Our activity has been based on the sales of the Tampoprint copmany’s printing machines and products.
  • From 1997. we started to turn over the products of the Ruco ink manufacturer.
  • From 1999. ISIMAT screen printing machines sales has been also started.
  • In 2002. Our company changed to Tampon-mix Ltd.
  • From 2003. we started to turn over TORELIEF plates.
    In order to meet our client’s requirements we make colour blendig with the assistance of a colour recognizeable system. This year we purchased an industrial laser, with the help which, we are able to
    etching steel clishés and to label any other occurent products
    Above laser clishé-etching, traditional chemical etching is also used by us to make plate and block clishés.
    From 2009. As a result of a greenfield investment the place of working has been changed to a two level, 600 m2 large institution in the industrial area of Szigetszentmiklós ( with excellent to approach next to the M0).


Tampon-Mix Kft - elérhetőség: 06 1 382-0400